LOVOL engines are produced in China in the factory which previously manufactured Perkins engines in association with Perkins U.K. It is now an independent Chinese brand, but most models are compatible with, and use the same spare parts as U.K. made Perkins engines.

However, many dealers in the Middle East & Africa, and many assemblers in China are still labelling and marketing LOVOL engines as “Perkins”, which is an inappropriate presumption, and an illegal practice.

Model Standby Prime
SSP15 15 KVA 13.3 KVA
SSP22 22 KVA 20 KVA
SSP30 30 KVA 27 KVA
SSP50 50 KVA 45 KVA
SSP88 88 KVA 80 KVA
SSP110 110 KVA 100 KVA
SSP165 165 KVA 150 KVA
SSP265 265 KVA 250 KVA
SSP550 550 KVA 500 KVA
SSP625 650 KVA 600 KVA
SSP725 725 KVA 650 KVA
SSP800 800KVA 725 KVA
SSP900 900 KVA 800 KVA
SSP1100 1100 KVA 1000 KVA
SSP1375 1375 KVA 1250 KVA
SSP1875 1875 KVA 1705 KVA
SSP2000 2000 KVA 1825 KVA
SSP2200 2200 KVA 2000 KVA
Model Standby Prime
SSL20 20 KVA 22 KVA
SSL31 31 KVA 35 KVA
SSL45 45 KVA 50 KVA
SSL100 100 KVA 110 KVA
SSL165 165 KVA 150 KVA
SSL275 275 KVA 250 KVA
SSL550 550 KVA 500 KVA
SSL650 650 KVA 600 KVA

The following prices are available on request:

  • Sea or air freight shipping costs to other Gulf States, Sudan, Iraq, West or East Africa
  • Prices of spares, Auto Transfer, synchronising & load management Panels
  • Prices of gensets powered by Cummins diesel engines 30 – 1250 KVA Prime rating
  • Prices of generating sets powered by U.K. Perkins diesel engines 600 – 2000 KVA Prime rating
  • Prices of portable diesel or gasoline powered generating sets up to 5 KVA rating
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